Personally, I know of a few towns in Minnesota that are great for raising a family.  I will admit that I do think that most of those towns are small.  Like 10 thousand people or less.  It's nice to live in an area where you know everyone. Or you know someone who knows someone.

One of the great things about living in a small town, is that everyone knows everyone.  One of the bad things about living in a small town is that everyone knows everyone.  Like everyone knows everyone elses business.  But generally, because of that reason, if you need something there is generally someone there to help.

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There is a new ranking by Fortune of cities and towns that are great for raising a family.  Last year the lone Minnesota town was Woodbury.  This year, that one didn't make the list.  This year it's Eagan, a Southern suburb of the twin cities.  It came in at number 11.

What was the criteria?

From Bring Me the News: 

"In our analysis of nearly 1,900 cities across the country, the best places to live scored high on assets like health care, education, and resources for seniors—all of which can help fight isolation and build social ties," Fortune shared, adding loneliness is a strong predictor of poor physical and mental health outcomes and early mortality. 

So, it sounds like it was focused on people being able to get out and fight isolation and lonliness.  There are things to do in th area that involves all members of the family.

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