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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man has entered into a plea agreement by admitting to a dozen felony drug charges including seven counts of first-degree drug possession or drug sales.

The plea deal worked out with 47-year-old Jason Hameister also includes guilty pleas to multiple DWI charges and driving after cancellation. Court records indicate all of the charges were filed against Hameister between late March of last year and late June of this year with four of the first-degree drug sales charges brought against him since the beginning of this year.

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One of the more recent cases involved the seizure of nearly 600 grams of suspected methamphetamine and nearly $1700 in cash. The criminal complaint says Hameister expressed interest in becoming a police informant to work off the charges against him after he was arrested last December on a drug possession count.

The court document says he told investigators that he knew of several people who would sell him methamphetamine by the pound. The charges say Hameister participated in one controlled purchase of drugs as part of a police investigation and turned over a pound of meth to investigators.

photo by Andy Brownell
photo by Andy Brownell

According to the criminal complaint, investigators became suspicious that Hameister was buying methamphetamine without alerting his police handler, who confronted him about the alleged purchases. The court record says Hameister responded by leading the investigator to his girlfriend's apartment in northeast Rochester where the drugs and cash were located.

The plea agreement recommended Hameister's case should be moved to drug court, where he will face intensive supervision. Court records say his application to enter the program was approved last week.

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