It's finally October which means it's officially spooky season! We've got pumpkins to carve, costumes to pick out, and haunted places to explore. And there are a few spooky-looking spots around Minnesota that could most definitely be settings for a horror movie.

All of these buildings are historical in some way. They aren't necessarily haunted (although, I wouldn't be surprised) but they all, at the very least, give off a spooky vibe. So if Hollywood was looking for a creepy place to film a new movie, these would be some amazing spots.

If you decide to visit these places make sure to do so from the road. Unless otherwise noted, you should not enter any of these buildings because there may be people living there or it may be so run down it would collapse. That would also be considered trespassing so, you know, don't do that.

Ok, now that that's been said, let's check out these spooky-looking, historic Minnesota buildings!

15 Historic Buildings in Minnesota that Could be Settings for a Horror Movie

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Gallery Credit: Carly Ross

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