Wasps. I'm not a fan, although I know they serve a purpose in this world. They are aggressive, and it seems they are ALWAYS building a nest near some high-traffic area. Lately, I've been seeing more of them, building hives and generally being somewhat of a nuisance, so what gives with all the wasps right now?

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I got to thinking about this yesterday afternoon when I got home. As I was getting ready to take our dog out, I noticed a cluster of wasps gathered on a side window near our front door, and when I looked out I saw 20-30 wasps flying and crawling around a corner of our entryway preparing to make a hive.

Dr Mohammed El Damir shared an article that he wrote about wasps in Minnesota on LinkedIn earlier this summer and he called it with what we are seeing right now, and he has the reason behind it.

Late June and early and late August are projected to be the hottest periods in Minnesota. It is during these times that wasp activity may peak, as they actively seek resources to support their colonies. While enjoying outdoor activities, it's important to remain mindful of their presence and take precautions to minimize potential encounters.

Dr. El Damir went on to write that:

As temperatures rise, wasps become more active in foraging, nest building, and reproduction. The availability of food resources, aided by increased rainfall, further supports their population growth. It is essential to be aware of wasp presence, particularly during the hot periods, and take necessary precautions to avoid any potential conflicts.

I ended up handling my 'problem' with a can of wasp spray, sorry, but if you don't want to go that route, there are some other things you can do to keep these aggressive pests away.

  1. Seal entry points to your home.
  2. Remove attractants like uncovered food and garbage.
  3. Trim landscaping near your home.

You can read all of what Dr. El Damir wrote by heading here! 

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