There are plenty of Dairy Queen's or DQ's, if you like to call it that, all over Minnesota to choose from. Chances are though, you have one you like to frequent the most. For me that one has always been in Moorhead, Minnesota.

But not just any one, the Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen that sits on the corner of 8th Street and Main Avenue. It's been around longer than I have been alive and there are a few things about it that never changes. There is no indoor seating, you go to the window to order and every year, after being closed for the winter months, it opens up again on March 1.

The Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen (24 S 8th St. Moorhead, MN) via Facebook
The Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen (24 S 8th St. Moorhead, MN) via Facebook

No matter what it always opens on that day, even through a snowstorm like this year. I had completely forgot it was opening again, until I saw plenty of my friends on social media sharing that they wanted to get a "blizzard during a blizzard" in Moorhead!

I was a little jealous they were able to go and get their Moorhead Dairy Queen fix in, but I also saw a lot of people asking:

What's Makes this Dairy Queen so Classic and so Iconic?

There are a number of reasons actually. This particular store got opened back in 1949 and is  one of the oldest Dairy Queens in the nation. Because of that it actually doesn't run on the normal corporate franchise rules like most of the other DQ's. They have a lot more flexibility with their menu and have many items you won't find at just any Dairy Queen. For example their blizzard options are much more extensive and the BBQ sandwiches,  I've been told by some of their workers before, are the best in town!

But the thing that makes it so great, classic and iconic, is the fact that, the Historic Dairy Queen in Moorhead is where the famous and iconic Dilly Bar was first created. They also still hand make them to this day in Moorhead and I must say they are usually a little bigger and tastier because they're made with such love. You can also find a GIANT Dilly Bar by the location and get your pic taken with it anytime.

Image Credit: The Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen (24 S 8th St. Moorhead, MN) via Facebook
Image Credit: The Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen (24 S 8th St. Moorhead, MN) via Facebook

Growing up the original owners Bob and Phyllis Litherland were good friends with my grandparents and I'll never forget being introduced to them at church one Sunday, when I was probably 7. My grandparents then let it be known they owned the "cool Dairy Queen" my brothers and I loved so much and I thought their grandkids had to be the luckiest grandkids in the world. But in all seriousness, they were the nicest people and I definitely got my fair share of treats when they owned it, and I continue to frequent it whenever I go back. Because there's nothing quite like the Historic Dairy Queen in Moorhead.

If you haven't experienced it, you might want to visit and learn for yourself how great it is. If you really want to have some fun, mark your calendar next year for March 1 and join the droves of people who will go wait in line no matter, snow, sun or enjoy their beloved Dairy Queen as it opens for the season.

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