Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. There's never a bad season for ice cream, especially ice cream from the Bloomington, Minnesota headquartered company, Dairy Queen! The soft serve treats are iconic and maybe one of the most iconic treats is the Blizzard.

DQ just released the other day new flavors for spring in summer that include a few fan favorite returns such as S'Mores Blizzard (April's Blizzard of the Month)

as well as the Cotton Candy and Choco Dipped Strawberry blizzards, but two new flavors have also been added to the mix. The two new flavors include Peanut Butter Puppy Chow Blizzard and and Oreo Brookie Blizzard that, you guessed it has Oreos and brownie-cookie pieces mixed together. BUT:

Minnesota Did You KNOW?

There's even more! You'd think that the excitement of new flavors would be enough, but DQ wanted to really celebrate the blizzard and basically have a birthday party for the sweet treat in April. PEOPLE magazine shared:

According to a release, in honor of blizzards being invented in 1985, shop-goers can snag one of the iconic sweets for 85 cents via the chain's app from April 10 to 23.

An EIGHTY-FIVE CENT Blizzard, are you kidding me?! With the prices of a Blizzard treat these days costing anywhere from $2.89 for a mini to $4.69 for a large, this sounds amazing. I don't even care if I have to download the app to get it. I'm for sure going to download and get the deal while I can. Now the real questions are, do we only get one $.85 Blizzard, are we able to get one each day the deal is going on, or are we able to order as many as we want at that price?

It does not specify if this is valid at all locations, but I'd bet if the app can be used at the Dairy Queen you're going to, you can get that $.85 Blizzard. So set the calendar and don't miss it April 10-23

Now the other big question you need to answer is, which of these wonderful flavors should you have next?

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