When we hear of celebrities hanging out in Minnesota it's like a brush with fame.  Of course when they are here dining and hanging out, obviously it's kind of cool.  But if they are here, obviously they have to eat, they are human.  But the cooler part is that Director James Cameron was here checking out some spots for a possible film that is in the works.

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James Cameron most famously directed Titanic and Avatar.  He is originally from Ontario, Canada, so looking in Northern Minnesota may be somewhat familiar terrain for him.

He stopped at a local restaurant in Duluth to grab a bite to eat and to visit with his friend Jessica Lange who is originally from Cloquet, but has been living in Stillwater for a number of years.

The Facebook post was from owner, Jason Vincent.

Add another name to the list of celebrity Boat Club Restaurant diners…. James Cameron dined with us tonight! He’s visiting his friend, Jessica Lange, and checking out possible movie locations. He loved our clam chowder and said it was the best he’s had since Sundance.

That is quite the compliment.  It's great when you are a small business and a celebrity stops in and says that they had a great experience.  Much better than it going the other way.  Plus, it might help boost more business as so many are struggling.

There was no word on what Cameron is working on, but if he does choose to use Minnesota, we may have more information if and when they begin shooting.  Obviously they would have to wait until after the writers/actors strike ends.  Hopefully that is sooner than later.

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