It looks like Minnesota has a fan in Stranger Things star David Harbour. The television star had amazing things to say about Minnesota in a new interview. He was a guest on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, which dropped his episode just a few days ago.

If you're curious why Minnesota was even mentioned on the podcast, the answer is Taylor Swift. The actor was spotted at one of her Minneapolis shows at U.S. Bank Stadium back in June. Fans were freaking out when they spotted the star and his stepdaughter in the VIP tent on the floor.

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The movie star shared that he got a ton of brownie points by taking his stepdaughter to see Taylor and that they chose the Minnesota show because it was the only weekend he had open to take her. He also said he "loved Minneapolis" so he didn't mind flying to see the show there. He also said he loves the people in Minneapolis, too.

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The praise for Minnesota didn't stop there. He went on to say that Minnesota was the "perfect" place to see the show thanks to its ties to musical legends like Prince. He shared that he enjoyed being with fellow music lovers that actually want to watch the show rather than film it all, saying:

It’s a real music town, too, like Prince. People are really there to see the concert as opposed to like Instagram the concert, so it was like a perfect place to see it.

We love to see it! You can listen to the full episode below. The Minnesota stuff comes in just after the thirty minute mark. If you are a big fan of Stranger Things, he chats a lot about that as well, including how feels about the show ending after all these years.

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