Minnesota seems to be THE place for celebrity sightings lately.  Just a few weeks ago, a famous face was spotted at a restaurant in Rochester.  Then, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis rolled on through a drive-thru at a Caribou Coffee in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!  Now, another celebrity sighting has happened.

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I saw on Bring Me The News that a famous celeb was spotted up in the Twin Cities shopping recently.  Ernie Hudson, which you probably recognize from Ghostbusters, was spotted shopping at a store in the Twin Cities area.  Well, it seems like his visit was actually to attend a class reunion/birthday party at Lake Harriet.

Celebrating our Washburn Class of '71, mutual 70th birthdays with Linda, my great friend since third grade and her talented husband, Ernie Hudson.  Super to see you both again!  A beautiful evening at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.  Fun to see so many classmates. - Connie Adams on Facebook

Do you go to your high school reunions?

I graduated high school in 1995...which seems like a very long time ago.  My family still lives near Fort Dodge, Iowa where I grew up, so I still visit but I have never gone to a high school reunion.  I'm on the Facebook group for it but...I've never RSVP'd.  I have a few reasons but the biggest is that I hardly remember anyone.

I had some trauma happen in high school and there is a big black hole for a huge chunk of moments that most people remember.  Example, I know I graduated high school.  I've got the diploma.  There is a photo of me graduating.  I just don't remember any of it.  If I go to a reunion, I have a feeling I won't remember most of the people...not because we all look a bit different, I just won't have any memory of them.  It has already happened while walking through HyVee and Target and even at weddings back in Iowa so I am sure that it would happen at a reunion.  It is a weird feeling and one that I don't need to go through if I don't really need to.  Trauma is a weird thing.

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Now, do I remember falling over Steve S. who had the locker below mine?  I basically flipped right over him in front of everyone during passing time.  Wish that was one of the memories that disappeared but NOOOOOO!!!

What about you?  Have you ever gone to your high school reunion?  Since I will probably never go to one, tell me over on my page - Jessica On The Radio - what it was like!

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