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Nature can sometimes be pretty violent, as this video of an eagle attacking a loon's nest on a lake here in Minnesota shows!

I've become quite the avid bird-watcher over the past few years, as the woods behind our house here in the North Star State are home to a LOT of fine, feathered friends. And earlier this spring, I spotted a massive hawk's nest in a tree along a busy highway in southeast Minnesota close to our neighborhood as well.

And when raptors, like hawks, are in your neighborhood, to quote a bird-watching site, there will be blood. I've seen the hawks near us grab smaller songbirds as well as critters like chipmunks and rabbits as they forage for food.

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Of course, my bird-watching is not anywhere near as advanced as the bird-watchers of the Vermillion Lake Association. The crew on that big lake (which is about 3 and a half hours north of the Twin Cities, north of Highway-61 along the North Shore) have installed a LoonCam that provides live feeds of what's happening with a pair of loons that have nested on the lake, which the group then posts on their Facebook page.

So last summer, when an eagle happened to drop by the loon nest-- well, OK, attack it and rampage through it might be a better way to put it-- the cameras were rolling. Luckily, the Association noted that the loons (which ARE the Minnesota state bird, btw) weren't injured, and the nest wasn't damaged too much.

It's still a reminder of how violent nature in the Land of 10,000 Lakes can be. Kind of like when one of the young eagles in the DNR's EagleCam pushed its sibling out of the nest earlier last year, as well. Yikes. Check out the video below, and keep scrolling to see some incredibly intuitive Minnesota animals that can actually predict the weather.

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