A bakery that has become very well-known for its tasty treats in Southeast Minnesota is expanding.  But this expansion is more than just a company opening a new location.  The new spot is actually one that is familiar and full of happy memories for the owner and the community.


Southeast Minnesota Bakery Expanding To Town Just South of Rochester

Just in case you missed the announcement on Facebook, a bakery that Rochester, Minnesota has come to love is expanding!  This is more than just an expansion though for Sweet House Bakery.  This is more of a moment that seems like it was just meant to be...and you'll see why in the story that Sweet House Bakery posted below:

✨Darlin’ By Sweet House Bakery✨
Cat’s outta the bag! We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we are officially opening our second location in our hometown of Stewartville, MN!

**Don’t worry ROCHESTER, we will be keeping our downtown location as well!**


This building means so much more to us than just a place to hold our baked goods. These walls are filled with memories of my childhood, family, tears and laughter. My grandparents, Don & Darlene Mueske had a dream of opening their own restaurant & bakery. With support & hard work they made their dream a reality opening Tarsilla’s in 1968. Tarsilla’s was a family owned restaurant employing many of my cousins, aunts, friends and myself over the years. This is where I learned so much about the restaurant business, entrepreneurship and where my love of baking began!
After my grandparents passing it became even more important for me to carry on their legacy and passion for amazing food. Still today I use so much of what my grandparents taught me and honor them with several recipes that have been passed down throughout generations including our famous cinnamon rolls and chicken wild rice soup!
When choosing a name for my new location, I struggled in trying to find something that would both pay homage to the history of this building and would capture what it really meant to not only me but my entire family. After going through photos and memories we finally landed on what we think is the perfect fit : Darlin’❤️ after my wonderful grandmother Darlene.
It’s a long road ahead of construction to bring this beautiful building back to life, but we are ready for the challenge! We also have to give a HUGE shoutout to the building owner, Tony Kramer who has already put in so much time & planning to create a beautiful space for the people of Stewartville and truly wants to see this business thrive. We plan to officially open our doors in late November, early December and offer a wide variety of pastries, desserts, breakfast, lunch and a few NEW surprises that we believe would benefit the Stewartville community.
Our menu and hours are still a work in progress, but we hope to have a wide range of availability to allow most visitors a chance to stop in during the week:
Tuesday-Friday: 5am-4:30pm
Sat.-Sun.: 7am-2pm


I can’t express enough how grateful we are to bring this family owned building full circle and breathe new life to an old memory. We can’t wait to see each and every one of you! It’s great to be back home and have the opportunity to bring a little bit of sweetness to the people of Stewartville!
Stay tuned for updates on our renovation journey!


Where Is Darlin' Located in Southeast Minnesota?

Once the new place opens, I'll share the details over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Until then, you may just want to pin this location in Google Maps so you are ready:

  • 112 N. Main Street, Stewartville, MN

Huge congrats to you, Sweet House Bakery!  Can't wait to stop by once you open.

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