Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- The Rochester City Council took a step towards shaping legal marijuana sales in the city Monday night. 

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Councilmembers resumed a hearing regarding legal marijuana retailers that was tabled after a lengthy public hearing earlier this month. Elected leaders heard from residents urging them to rebuke the state law legalizing marijuana and from potential marijuana retailers cautioning council members against passing policy that would limit business opportunities regarding cannabis sales. 

Kim David/TSM
Kim David/TSM

The City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that prohibits new marijuana retailers until 2025. The new ordinance struck a provision that implemented a cap of one marijuana retailer per 12,500 citizens. 

Trimmed marijuana flower (Mango Kush) in glass jar on wood table with vape pen.

Despite marijuana use and possession becoming legal in Minnesota next week, businesses won’t be able to sell it until they’ve been listened to do so by the state Office of Cannabis Management which is expected to be fully operational sometime next year.

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