Before we get into what the heck is going on here, let me tell you, there are few limits to what my wife can talk me into doing on a cold, lazy Sunday afternoon for her amusement.

Let's set the scene: It's mid-March in Minnesota and this particular Sunday the air temperature was just below freezing and the wind was whipping at 20+ mph, creating a wind chill of about 15°F... Brrrr!  Our daughter is off with friends, and my wife, Jen, and I are home with our two Great Danes, Moose and Baby.

Great Dane Moose and Baby
Moose (left) and Baby (right)

Any other day, when Mother Nature isn't throwing a fit, we would end up outside walking in the woods with Moose (Baby is 13 years old so she stays home and holds the couch down). But not today. Nothing was enticing about getting beat down by that freezing wind. I suggested we take Moose to walk around at Scheels (yep, Scheels is a pet-friendly store), but Jen wasn't interested in leaving the house at all.

As the day progresses, boredom kicks in and Jen's TikTok scrolling begins and, of course, the most ridiculous thing she sees is what she wants me to try.

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Back to Moose. He's a 175-pound 'scaredy-dane' and cutting his nails can be quite the experience. I can only imagine he thinks I'm trying to cut off his toes every time it's nail-trimming time.

Enter Jen's brilliant idea inspired by TikTok: We will smear peanut butter all over my bald head and let Moose lick it off while I clip his nails. ‍‍What could possibly go wrong?

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The feeling of lukewarm peanut butter getting slapped onto my bald head led to only one reaction, "Oh, hell. What have I done?!" Being the extra person Jen is, she didn't stop there and decided to also tack on what seemed like 357 mini milk bone treats.

Alright, without further ado here's the absurd, yet somewhat brilliant, reel of how it all went down. It's peanut butter (no jelly) time, ya'll!

Ok, so that didn’t quite go exactly as we had hoped. Moose is not easily fooled and will not be bribed with peanut butter-- even if it is smeared on a beautiful bald head‍-- in exchange for “cutting off his toes.” But we were able to distract him long enough to get one nail clipped!

Here are some of the best comments on the video so far and my replies:

"He could have bit your head off in one bite!" -- Don't worry, Moose never bites the head that feeds him.

"Was this in the wedding vows?" -- I might need to renegotiate our contract.

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"Ok this is way behond love!!! My husband is a hard no!! Props to you." -- Life is way more fun when you don't take it too seriously.

"Hahaha!!! I should try this!! NOT!!" -- Make sure you shave your head first!

After all the fun and games are over, we ARE able to get all of Moose's nails trimmed up nicely after corralling him into the small quarter bath in the hall where he cannot escape.

If you would like to see more of our shenanigans with Minnesota Moosefeel free to follow me on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel, DaneRight.

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