Kwik Trip is well known for being a cult favorite gas station in Minnesota and the midwest in general. They also have a killer social media presence. Their posts are always hilarious and over the past few years, they've done some amazing but simple April Fools Day jokes on their Facebook page.

Kwik Trip April Fools Joke 2023

Did you see their joke from this year? They announced that this summer, they're launching their first Kwik Trip vacation rental! And honestly, I would totally stay here.

If you look at the comments on the post there's a link Kwik Trip shared that supposedly will show you more details about the rental. In reality, it just takes you to the music video for 'Never Gonne Give You Up' by Rick Astley.

Kwik Trip April Fools Joke 2022

Going back to last year, Kwik Trip announced that they had come out with Beer in a Bag! It was like a chip bag but filled with Leinenkugel beer instead.

Kwik Trip via Facebook
Kwik Trip via Facebook

If they'd do this but put them in containers like an adult Capri Sun I'd be so down.

Kwik Trip April Fools Joke 2021

2021 I believe was the first time they took social media by storm with their April Fools pranks. This year, I think, was the best one yet. They teased that Kwik Trip and Culver's we're going to partner in joint locations.

People lost their minds. Both Kwik Trip and Culver's a cult favorites and we'd all love it if this actually happened!

Which one of their April Fools jokes is your favorite?

Responses Heard To 'See You Next Time' In Minnesota & Wisconsin Kwik Trip Stores

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