Dreaming of warmer weather and being at my happy place in the summer with my boyfriend, family and friends. That happy place would be the lake. More specifically with my love and some of my best friends at Pelican Lake in Minnesota. From St. Cloud, it's just a little over two hours from St. Cloud heading northwest.

For many years now, it's been my little slice of heaven here on earth. Enjoying water, sun, great company and depending on the day either peace and quiet or some fun at the sand bar near the mansion on the lake. When summer comes, there really isn't a weekend you won't find me at the lakes in Minnesota soaking up every moment that I can.

Naturally, it intrigued me when I saw that there was an all-inclusive resort in Minnesota that made The Points Guy

16 best all-inclusive resorts in the US for a spectacular vacation

Having to see for myself which resort it was, it made me even more excited when I realized, not only was it on the lake I frequent most, but it was a resort I often visit at least once a summer if not more. The all-inclusive resort, considered one of the best in the country is

Fair Hills Resort

Image Credit: Fair Hills Resort via Facebook
Image Credit: Fair Hills Resort via Facebook

Though I have never actually stayed at this resort, my friends and I often will dock for a bit to enjoy of their amenities anyone can enjoy which usually include a drink or an ice cream cone for us. It's nostalgic to me and reminds me of my childhood of family vacations at a resort on Leech Lake, also in Minnesota further north by Walker.

The description given by The Points Guy even points out, this is

For the young and young at heart, Fair Hills Resort is an oasis of fun in Minnesota that's open from May-September and harks back to the glory days of a typical American vacation: one with goofy games, waterslides, campfires and cabins. 

Truly a great family vacation all-inclusive resort that isn't just by fluke on this list. It is enriched in history and has been around for many, many years. Shouldn't be a surprise then, when you go to the Fair Hills Resort website you'll see a list of awards that include

  • "America's Best All-Inclusive Resorts" - Travel and Leisure
  • "25 Coolest Midwest Lake Vacation Sports" -Midwest Living
  • "21 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in the USA for 2022" - The Planet D
  • "America's Best All-Inclusive Resorts in the US" -The Best Travel Places

and the list goes on and on. See for yourself here. You don't need to take it from me, but I will always recommend taking a family trip of this sorts even once in your life and you'll find yourself wanting to continue coming back time and time again. The many years my family spent at a resort on a Minnesota lake, that wasn't that fancy, were some of the best memories I still have to this day. But trust me when I say if you do want to try out the resort, I'd start making those reservations pretty much yesterday.

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