Do you believe in Bigfoot? Are you open to the possibility that there is an elusive species evading scientists for all these years? Many people do, and some even go to the woods trying to find evidence.

I stumbled on an episode of 'The Proof Is Out There' on YouTube. It's from the History Channel and it the title claimed that there were 4 unbelievable bigfoot sightings. Okay, History Channel, you've got my attention.

The very first case they show comes out of Minnesota. Its recordings were taken south of Wright, Minnesota in 2009. The recordings sound like a scream in the night. It's an abnormal sound, followed by wolves and coyotes joining in.

History YouTube
History YouTube

They then take an interesting turn, suggesting that perhaps Bigfoot communicates with wolves and coyotes to assist with hunting. Or, in some cases, after a pack of wolves takes down a prey, bigfoot runs in, scares them off, and takes the meal for himself (or herself).

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If this sounds a little far-fetched, I'm with you. To me, the recording sounds like a wolf. It's hard to tell the difference.

Earlier this year we got another report of a bigfoot howl. This was in Central St. Louis County, Minnesota. I believe that one is a little more convincing.

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Back to the Wright, Minnesota case. They asked some biologists and experts. The legitimate scientists say it's probably wolf howls, and it appears the audio has been edited.

There still is a lot of evidence and eyewitness accounts out there that are believable. I did a story on hunters in St. Louis County who never went back into the woods after their Bigfoot encounters.

What do you think? Do you have any good bigfoot stories? Let me know!

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