Today is a big day at the Minnesota Zoo! Years ago, the iconic monorail closed at the Minnesota Zoo and now it has been replaced with something pretty cool that will give us a different view of the animals.

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Minnesota Zoo Treetop Trail is Now Open

The new Treetop Trail, which has been under construction for a while now, is now officially open! It's in the same place that the monorail track was but now it's a walking path.

I'm so excited to check out the Treetop Trail. I've been going to the zoo for forever and I remember riding the monorail as a kid. Now that the path is walkable, you can stop and watch your favorite animals from above for as long as you want.

It's going to be such a cool new way to see the animals below and to take in the zoo. It's also a great way to do something that's a trend right now called 'forest bathing'. Basically it means you're spending time in the forest/surrounded by nature and disconnecting from everything that makes life hectic and crazy. And with the Treetop Trail, you're literally going to be IN the trees because it runs right through the trees in the zoo.

The trail is 32 feet off the ground, according to the zoo's website, and the walk is 1.25 miles. It'll be open year-round and is accessible to all.

If you want to experience the Treetop Trail, the Minnesota Zoo is open every day from 10 AM - 6 PM. They also have some adult-only nights called Wild Nights. Those are every other Thursday now through September 14th from 6-10 PM.

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