The Minnesota Zoo is always adding new things.  It's fun to go and see the animals and experience all the things that the Minnesota Zoo has to offer.  It's a great family day activity.

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This year they have added a pedestian trail which has zoo visitors able to walk above the zoo grounds and observe some of the animals from above.  The pedestrian trail has been in the works since 2018. The trail is replacing the former monorail system.

According to Bring Me the News, the trail is the world's longest elevated pedestrian loop at a height of 32 feet.

John Frawley, the zoo's director and foundation president, said the trail marks a new chapter for the 45-year-old destination. 

“As we look ahead to the Zoo’s next 45 years, the Treetop Trail is a major step in furthering connections to nature and animals in an accessible and immersive way,"

The elevated trail is set to open at the end of the month, on the 28th.

While you are checking out the new things at the zoo, be on the lookout for a new little animal - a tree kangaroo named Hewam (pronounced hey-vum).  He is just 2 years old and is adjusting to his new digs and having people around.  But he is already getting quite the fan club. I'll be honest with you, I had no idea this type of animal existed, and that's one of the reasons that the zoo is such a great thing.  Learning about new and unfamiliar animals.

"These marsupials love to climb trees and explore the elevated areas of their misty rainforest habitats," the Zoo shares. 

These little guys are normally in Indonesia and Australia.  Learn more about Tree Kangaroos on the wildlife website, or by just make a visit to the Minnesota Zoo.

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