The Minnesota Twins' home opener is coming up on April 6th and there are several fun activities planned for the first game at Target Field. This will also be the first game that fans get to see the gigantic new scoreboard and other features added during the offseason.

The most important change at the ballpark might be another option for lower concession prices. You can save, if you know where to look. Three value vendors are will be set up inside the ballpark to help families save money. Learn where to find those lower prices for 2023 below.

Several times a year I'm offered free tickets, but most of the time I politely decline because a trip to the ballpark can be quite expensive even when the tickets are free.

Getting into the game isn't typically a problem, it's the price of everything else from parking to concessions that adds up.

How Much Does The Average Family Spend Going to a Twins Game?

The Hustle published an article that revealed what the average family of four would spend going to a ballgame. They used data from 2022's FanCostIndex, which factors the price of tickets, concessions, and parking.

For the report they assumed a family of four would purchase four tickets, two beers, two sodas, four hot dogs, and pay for parking. Using that data they found the average family of four going to a Twins game would spend a little more than $170.

Photo of an Baseball ball, glove and money on wooden table. Studio shot

That order doesn't seem realistic though. If you're going with kids you're probably going to be buying candy, ice-cream, popcorn, etc. And, you're probably going to have more than one beer or soda.

I think it's safe to say a trip to Target Field could easily cost $200 or more for the average family. Thankfully, the Minnesota Twins have lowered concession prices and will be offering unlimited refills during games.

Minnesota Twins Slash Concession Prices and Offer Unlimited Refills For 2023 Games

Several years ago, the Twins introduced "Family Value" concession stands to help families save a little cash. They've added a third location this year. The next time you take a trip to Target Field, you'll be able to find the "Family Value" concession stands in sections 120, 133, and 311. Check out the available items and prices at these stands below.

Townsquare Media Rochester-Preston
Townsquare Media Rochester-Preston

It'll be worth the walk to find these stands because they offer "value-based, family-friendly pricing" on some of the most popular foods in the ballpark.

These concession stands also feature self-serve, touchscreen kiosks to speed up ordering so you aren't wasting time waiting in long lines.

Food Prices at Minnesota Twins "Family Value" Concession Stands

Twins President & CEO Dave St. Peter said,  “We are proud to partner with Delaware North (the team's concession vendor) to provide Twins fans with a low price point for many of their favorite concessions, while also making it easier to access these value-based menus.

Several items have been marked down this year from hot-dogs to beer and for the first time the Minnesota Twins will be offering unlimited refills. Check out the prices below.

Jessica Williams/Canva
Jessica Williams/Canva

St Peter added, "Enjoying good food and drink is a huge part of the ballpark experience for every guest, and it is absolutely paramount that we give our fans – especially those bringing families to the game – affordable options at convenient locations throughout Target Field”

When you visit the "Family Value" concession stands you'll find these deals.

Hot Dog - $3.99

Popcorn - $2.99

Nachos - $3.99

Soft Pretzel - $3.99

Peanuts - $2.99

16oz Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or Sierra Mist - $1.99

12oz Budweiser or Bud Light - $4.99

Every concession stand inside Target Field will also be selling 32oz collectible cups which will come with unlimited fountain soda refills.

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