A Minnesota Sheriff's Office posted to social media yesterday a picture of a bear cub being held by a deputy and then another photo of the cub in the back of a squad car, and a third picture of the cub inside a pet carrier. The cub was found by a caller laying on a driveway in Chisago County.

Yesterday we received a call in Rushseba Township of a bear cub laying in someone’s driveway, appearing to be injured or sick. Deputy Finnegan found the cub in rough shape, appearing gaunt and probably separated from its mother for several days.
Deputy Finnegan contacted the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville to arrange care for it. If emergency care is successful it will be transferred to Garrison, MN for further rehabilitation before being released on its own.

The cub appeared to the responding deputy to be in 'rough shape' as it seemed to have become 'separated from its mother'.

The cub was taken to Roseville to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and if the cub rebounds in Roseville, it is expected to be released back into the wild, and that would happen near Garrison.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:

Black bears mate during May-July. The fertilized egg implants in November and the cubs are usually born in January, while the mother is denning. In Minnesota litters are most often of three cubs. They leave the den usually in early April and remain with the mother for 17 months, hibernating with her when they are 1 year old.

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Based on that information it's likely that this cub was only just born during our last winter.

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