What is it about people who think they can just hide from law enforcement after being caught committing a crime? A Chisago County man learned that you can't hide from a police dog, even in a garbage can filled with dirty diapers. YUCK.

According to the Chisago County Sheriff's Office, back on April 2nd a man was caught stealing catalytic converters and fled from law enforcement. After unsuccessfully finding the suspect, a K9 was deployed and began to focus on a garbage can. Inside law enforcement found the suspect and some dirty diapers.

The post detailed that the man was booked into the Chisago County Jail on various charges stemming from the incident.

Just after midnight on April 2nd, North Branch Police Department received a call regarding a suspect attempting to steal catalytic converters. The complainant confronted the suspect who then fled on foot.
Officers and Deputies set up a perimeter and started following the suspects footprints in the snow, but lost them after approximately 3 blocks.
The dynamic duo of Deputy Johnson and K9 Ghost were then deployed and after a very short period of time, K9 Ghost became very interested in a nearby garbage can…
Guess what was inside? Some dirty diapers and our suspect!
The suspect was subsequently arrested by NBPD and transported to jail on multiple charges

In regards to protecting yourself from catalytic converter theft, here are some tips I found on the City of Eagan website. 

  • Park in a garage whenever possible.
  • If parking outside, park in well-lit areas close to building entrances.
  • Mark your catalytic converter with high-temperature paint.
    • By adding bright paint, you create a visible deterrent to thieves. This marking also helps police in identifying a stolen catalytic converter.
  • Install a catalytic converter protection device.
  • Watch for suspicious activity around parked vehicles.
  • Listen for the distinct sound of grinding metal.
  • Report suspicious activity immediately by calling 911.

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