We have a few holiday events in Minnesota that are pretty popular. But sadly, one of them will not be happening this year. I was surprised to hear about this because it's an event that's been going on for years.

I went to this event last year for the first time in a while. It was well attended, just like it has been in the past many years. I went to the parade a little more than 5 years ago, now. I also was in the parade back in high school.

Credit: Dusty Hoskovec Photography via Holidazzle.com
Credit: Dusty Hoskovec Photography via Holidazzle.com

2023 Holidazzle Canceled

Yes, unfortunately, the Holidazzle in Minneapolis will not be happening this year.

I was so confused and sad when I heard this! Like I said, it's been going on for a long time and people love the tradition.

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Why the Holidazzle is Canceled for 2023

Turns out, the reason the Holidazzle is canceled, or 'hibernating' as they're saying on their website, is because they weren't able to get enough funding to pull it off.

Downtown Minneapolis council spokespeople said that the Holidazzle "received funding from sources like local government and major local companies, but it just was not enough this year", according to WCCO.

President and CEO of Minneapolis Downtown Council, Steve Cramer, told WCCO that he's calling it 'sponsor fatigue' because they're spending lots of money for other events happening in Minneapolis already. "'Those events are becoming more expensive and in the end, the numbers just didn't work for us to do Holidazzle.'"

Is the Holidazzle Gone for Good?

Of course, the big question is, does this mean the Holidazzle is gone for good? They got rid of the parade a few years ago, is the whole event going away now? The downtown Minneapolis council says that they are confident that the Holidazzle will be back next year.

Here's hoping they're right!

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