A Twin Cities non-profit organization that assists cancer patients and their families is extending its reach to Northern Minnesota.

The Angel Foundation is based out of Mendota Heights, Minnesota. They offer financial support to adult cancer patients and their families. Besides the much-needed financial support, the Angel Foundation also offers many helpful emotional support tools.

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One of the most touching things I've learned they offer is an emotional support guide for children who have a parent fighting cancer. How do you tell your child that you are facing a life-threatening illness? Many parents struggle with that question, and the Angel Foundation has some helpful tips and exercises to help your child adjust.

Angel Packs include 30 different items, each with instructions and a clear therapeutic purpose. Examples include an informational “What is Cancer?” booklet, a “Silly Lion Matching Game” for familiarizing children with cancer terminology, a cancer-specific coloring book, a medical play kit using real and pretend medical items to ease children’s possible fears of healthcare settings, and an adorable stuffed lion named Rory to hug.

Angel Foundation
Angel Foundation

Of course, the Angel Foundation offers financial support for the families. Grants awarded to help patients can be used for non-medical bills, such as gas, food, rent, or mortgages. This can help the families with peace of mind in a very trying time.

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They also help connect patients with social workers and a Pro Bono Certified Financial Planner. The goal of this is to help reduce stress and plan a way to navigate the medical expenses.

The Angel Foundation has been helping adults with cancer and their families since 2001. In that time they have provided 13.5 Million dollars in financial support to more than 45,000 patients.

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