How emotional must it be to be diagnosed with cancer, even more emotional when that cancer you've been diagnosed with is rare, and you are just 10-years-old. That's what happened to Beckett Foster and his family recently, and now its time to come together as a community to rally and support his family.

We got a message to our Facebook page recently about a fundraiser spaghetti dinner that is being held on May 6th at the VFW post 428 here in St. Cloud. The spaghetti dinner will run from noon to 5:30pm.

Beckett was diagnosed with NUT-midline carcinoma, a rare form of cancer that according to the National Cancer Institute "is a type of rare cancer that can grow anywhere in the body. Usually, it is found in the head, neck, and lungs."

Beckett's dad, Nate, is a National Gaurd member, and his mom, Melissa, works here in St. Cloud and when dad is gone she takes care of their 4 kids, including Beckett, and works at St. Cloud Orthopedics.

The event online goes on to detail more information about Beckett and his family.

Beckett,10, is currently battling NUT-midline Carcinoma a very rare and aggressive form of cancer only just discovered in 2003.
Beckett’s dad, Nate, is an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran and currently serving his 27th year in the Guards and works full time at Camp Ripley. While his mom, Melissa, is tasked with the difficult job of managing all 4 of their sons and working at St. Cloud Orthopedics. Their other boys are Kolby 12, Cade 7 and Hayzen 5.
Nate describes Beckett as a fighter who loves to be outside hunting, fishing, and camping. He enjoys playing baseball, football, and wrestling. He’s a tough kid. Let’s show him how much stronger we are together!

So what can you do to help? Attend the spaghetti dinner on May 6th, and donate to the GoFundMe for Beckett that has been arranged online, you can donate here

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