Did you know that we have a few nudist communities/clubs in Minnesota? Well, now you know, and one of them, which also happens to be the largest nudist club in the state, is about 30 minutes north of Minneapolis in East Bethel.

The place is called Avatan Nudist Club and they were founded back in 1961. It sounds like you can hang out there for the day or decide to spend a vacation there because I believe they have places you can camp.

Minnesota Nudist club
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According to their website, they have "40 acres of rolling woodland grounds [that] offer a safe and beautiful environment for the entire family to enjoy." There are places to hike, a pool, hot tub, spa, pickleball court, playground for the kids, volleyball courts, and more. It sounds like a beautiful place but I'm definitely not sold on the whole nudist idea.

Based on their FAQ section, though, it sounds like guests and staff are all very respectful. I mean, if you're not you'll get kicked out, so they take this stuff very seriously.

So if this is your kind of thing or if you are on the fence, Avatan sounds like a nice place to check out.

Now, if this isn't your thing (like me, I don't think I'd personally ever be interested in something like this) but you do want to get outdoors and do some exploring, keep scrolling! There's a super cute, vintage VW van that's been turned into a camper van that you can rent. It would be a pretty sweet way to check out the fall colors around Minnesota.

Rent this Adorable, Vintage 1984 Volkswagen Camper Van in Minnesota

There's a website called Outdoorsy where you can rent other people's campers. I particularly love vans-turned-campers and found an amazing, vintage Volkswagen camper van that you can rent from Minneapolis, Minnesota. But don't worry, you don't have to stay in Minneapolis, you can drive the camper van up to 140 miles per day for free with the cost to rent per night.

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