Some people have the tradition to shop very early on Black Friday.  It's something they do every single year, and some people are absolute "pros" at it.  Plus, if you endulged on Thanksgiving, the day before, it's a great way to work off some of those goodies.

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If you feel like taking the weekend and head to the Mall of America in Bloomington, this is a great dea!  You could get a "special prize valued at nearly $600 dollars!"  Who gets this deal?  The first 4,000 people who get to the mall and use the North entrance. I believe that is the main entrance under the big "Mall of America" sign.

They will be handing out 4,000 mystery scratch off cards.

Starting at 7 a.m. on Black Friday, Mystery Scratch-Off Cards will be distributed (while supplies last) at the North Entrance. Redeem cards by 2 p.m. for prizes that include gift cards and more! Plus, the first 200 guests lined up outside the Level 1, North Entrance off Lindau Lane on Black Friday will get a gift card from Mall of America valued anywhere from $10–$500!

That's even better!  You could possibly be the secret $600 winner, and also score a gift card valued anywhere from $10-$500!  But, you need to be even earlier... that's only to the first 200 people.  Are you an early riser?  Maybe you need to be if you want a chance at scoring this deal.

You can get more details on the MOA website.

What if not everyone is into the Black Friday shopping deal?  Plus, you want to pick up some great Christmas presents for your family.  Here's a great idea.  Check into the Radisson Blu, or the Wolf Lodge, or any of the other hotels around the area and take advantage of the indoor pools or the whole water park at the Wolf Lodge.  Perfect family weekend getaway.

Good luck on the great giveaway!

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