Did you happen to catch Twin Cities Public Television's Friday night news program, Almanac? If you missed it, I have a segment you should check out, as it features our sibling station WJON, and the role it continues to play in getting Central Minnesota the news they are looking for, along with some other content.

The segment from the show was in regard to the announcement that there wouldn't be local staff working at the St. Cloud Times and what it means for local news, and the media climate in St. Cloud.

Reporter Kaomi Lee traveled to St Cloud to visit their "gutted" local newspaper and explore the challenge of the changing media landscape. - TPT Almanac


One of the things that may have been missed is the fact that WJON has been delivering local news and happenings for decades, and will continue to offer that through our on-air station 1240AM/95.3FM, and through the WJON app and website.

Our commitment is that we will continue to bring you local news, events, happenings, obituaries, and more for NO cost and NO subscription, to the best of our local abilities. But delivering to you the content you are looking for has changed, we live in an 'instant' world where people want their information now. So how can we achieve that? Well, we want YOU to be a part of the process. Send us news as you see it happening with the WJON app, and send us story ideas and local happenings for inclusion on our apps and websites.
Send us your story ideas

In the end, it's the community that matters. We are broadcasting to you, the community, and without YOU there can be no US.

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