Fans of the Netflix hit Outer Banks will be happy to know that one of the main stars of the show was in Minnesota over the weekend! Chase Stokes, best known for his role on the show, was in Minneapolis supporting his girlfriend who also happens to be a pop-country star.

In case you haven't been on the internet at any point over the past month or so, he is dating Kelsea Ballerini. The two sparked dating rumors earlier this year after they were spotted getting cuddly at a sporting event. More recently, they have been open with their romance, even sharing photos of each other on their own social media pages.

Now that there romance is out in the open, it shouldn't surprise you to know that Chase was in the audience at Kelsea's big show in Minneapolis on Friday (March 10th). He stood in the sound box but was actively singing and dancing along to her set.

Naturally, fans of the show were in the audience and found ways to subtlety and not so subtlety film him. He seemed like he was having a blast and wasn't paying attention to the cameras or shying away from bopping along!

The videos of Chase dancing and singing along even made it onto TikTok! My favorite sighting of the star comes courtesy of @kaylianwelsh on the social media site. Check out her epic celebrity sighting below:

There are so many different photos and videos of Chase in the crowd at Kelsea's Minneapolis show. All you have to do is search and a ton pop up! This is another one of my favorites, which was shared by a Chase Stokes fan account. I love how much he loves watching her put on a show.

In case you missed it, Kelsea headlined a show at The Armory. It is part of her ongoing Heartfirst Tour and she packed the house. In November, she was also in Minnesota for a girls weekend, which included a surprise performance with Keith Urban, who was also playing a show in Minnesota.

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