Back during my college days at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, I remember hearing about St. Cloud. It was a great college town and St. Cloud State University had the reputation, at the time of being quite the party school. A few of my girlfriends and I even made the trip one weekend, after we turned 21, to experience a weekend ourselves.

We definitely learned that people in St. Cloud knew how to have a good time. Years later and actually living here for a little bit, the same still rings true I think. People around St. Cloud know how to have a good time. Does that make it the drunkest city in Minnesota though?

This question comes up after seeing an older post on Instagram from @mattsurelee that shares a map of,

The Drunkest City in Every State


Now immediately you want to defend St. Cloud and I don't blame you. Not many towns or cities out there want to be known as the drunkest. But keep in mind he does write in the caption "Drunkest cities, according to you guys". As in his followers vote on what they think is the correct answer. Which means Minnesotans deemed it with that title. Which maybe makes it hurt a little worse, because is that what we want this city to be known for from the rest of the state?

Granted this was back in 2021, so maybe it's time to re-evaluate this "poll" and see if there is another "deserving" city to take hold of this title. Do you have any idea which city you would vote as the "drunkest" in Minnesota or do you think this is still spot on? Let me know in our app and at the end of the day I wouldn't take it all that seriously as Matt shares on his insta, what he does is, "thousands of charts, dozens of laughs" and if anything we can revel in the fact we aren't Wisconsin which just says, "All of Them".

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