I love a good Speakeasy!  It's just fun to go in to this hidden space, to find an incredible old-style bar and get some super creative cocktails.  There's something about a hidden place that just makes it more fun.

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When I was still living in California, there was a place that I used to go for lunch every couple weeks.  I never knew there was a hidden Speakeasy there!  I didn't find out until a week or so before I moved away.  It had to have been hidden really good, because I never suspected anything was there.

Then there was another one that I went to a few times where you had to walk through a Mexican restaurant and into what looked like the door to a walk-in fridge.  But when you walked in, it was this super-cool looking Speakeasy!

Photo by Brooks O'Brian
Photo by Brooks O'Brian

They made incredible cocktails there.  This one pictured below shows it halfway through the process of making the drink.  So involved and fun to watch!

Photo by Brooks O'Brian
Photo by Brooks O'Brian

So good news is that if you want to try a place like this there is one in Anoka.  It's the Anoka Hardware Store.  It's in downtown Anoka among a bunch of other businesses with no sign announcing what it is, of course.  You have to look for a non-descript door with a red light above it.

The inside has that old-school dark look with lots of wood.  It's made to look like a 1920's era bar.  Of course, like all Speakeasys, they serve unique craft cocktails. And yes, it has a Hardware store motif as well.

Well, now that I have you in the mood to discover a new Speakeasy, here's a few more throughout Minnesota that you can visit:

  • The Velveteen - Stillwater, MN
  • The Mudd Room - Mendota Heights, MN - This just sounds fun! Instructions say, you need to walk up a flight of stairs to a phone. Then you pick up the phone and wait for instructions to come from the other end of the line. 
  • The Blue Goose - Take the the stairs down from the Veranda Lounge, then you'll have to find your way in. St. Cloud, MN
  • Stanley's Northeast Barroom - Minneapolis, MN - Talk to the guy in the newsboy cap, and good luck!

Hope this helps you find a fun, hidden Speakeasy to spend some time in.

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