Sometimes in an effort to avoid a smaller amount of trouble, a hasty bad decision can turn things into a much bigger problem. That's exactly what happened to a man, Thomas Elton Shows,42, in Woodbury early last Thursday morning.

According to, a driver slumped over in the drivers seat, parked outside an Woodbury hotel, with his vehicle running was discovered by Woodbury Police.  Officers woke the man and notice several signs of impairment. The driver reportedly had red glassy eyes, appeared groggy and had difficulty responding to the officer's questions.

When one of the officers went back to the squad car to check out the Show's identification, the other officer noticed the Shows turn the steering wheel, as in an attempt to flee. When she tried to open the driver's side door to the vehicle and grab the keys from the ignition, Shows put the car in reverse, knocked the officer into a snow bank and almost ran her over.

He then drove forward striking the Woodbury squad car and fled. Hours later officers found Shows and attempted to stop him.  They chased him through Minneapolis/St Paul and took him into custody.

Turns out Shows had 3 outstanding warrants from Anoka County. He was booked into Washington County Jail and made his first court appearance on Friday.

The officer knocked into the snowbank during Shows escape suffered only some soreness.

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