A video is going viral about a little 6-year-old in Minnesota after she dramatically gives up while shoveling during a Minnesota snowstorm.

I don't think I've met a Minnesotan that actually enjoys shoveling every single day. I get it, it snows a lot up here. We're just getting over a historic snowstorm in Minnesota and one little girl has gone viral.

The video took place in Lake City, Minnesota (a little over 3-hour drive south of Duluth). According to Yahoo! News, the little girl woke up to a snow day and was very excited. The 6-year-old decided to get a jump start on the snow and decided she wanted to start shoveling. Luckily mom captured everything on video, because the 6-year-old now feels how Minnesotan does while shoveling.

The video shows the little girl trying to scoop up a fresh patch of snow, when she stops, dramatically falls to her knees, and then in true dramatic fashion, fully collapses onto her back. If I had a dime for every time I thought of doing that while shoveling over the years, I would be a very rich man.

To be honest, her reaction is priceless. I also feel like this thought went through many more Minnesotans' heads who don't own snow blowers. The video currently has over 20,000 views on Instagram. The caption for the viral video is great too:

How are you feeling about this massive Minnesota snowstorm?

Disclaimer: she’s 6 and stubborn and really wanted to shovel… who am I to crush her dreams

Check it out below:

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