I am surprised but also not surprised at the same time! Two Minnesota cities were just named some of the cleanest in the country. Those cities? Minneapolis and St. Paul. I feel like there are probably tidier spots in Minnesota but we will just go with it.

The duo came in at number nineteen on the list of the top twenty-five cleanest cities in the country. This study was conducted by Yahoo Finance this year, ranking the cleanest cities in all of the U.S. I don't really think of Minneapolis or St. Paul as super clean but I guess I am wrong on that one.

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This doesn't mean that these cities are spotless when you walk down the street. Rather, the list was compiled using data from the American Housing Survey. From there, the data was used to "calculate the percentage" of homes with trash or junk half a block from the residence.

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I would think a tinier town in the state, like those up the North Shore, would come out on top on a list like this but it seems they only looked at more populous areas. Other huge cities that made the cut include Phoenix, Detroit and Washington. While it is nice that Minnesota cities made the list, it still seems a little random!

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Even Nashville made the cut. Any time I have gone to Nashville, there has been trash everywhere. Of course, this is on Broadway so that is to be expected but it still seems a little off. I guess it is better than making a list of the dirtiest cities, no?

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