This might be the most random thing ever but we aren't complaining! I read just the other day that a small Northland town got a little love in a movie from a Harry Potter series back in the day. I looked into it and it is true! Someone somewhere loves Minnesota.

Twig gets some time to shine in the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them! The movie came out in 2016 and is actually part of a prequel series to the popular series. It features big names like Eddie Redmayne and Sam Redford.

Randomly enough, of all the towns in all of the states across the country, writers chose Twig to spotlight in a random scene in the movie. Twig is mentioned in a newspaper article that is featured in the movie, along with a handful of other small and random towns.

In the film, there is an ad in the newspaper for a recruitment drive for Obliviators, which is an employee of the Ministry of Magic for those that watch. (I have only seen a few of the original movies so I am definitely learning as I go! Ha.)

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Nevertheless, the newspaper snippet in the film says there was a recruitment drive to get people to become an employee or the Ministry of Magic in certain towns, including Twig! I am not sure how many Obliviators they are going to find in such a small place?! This was in 1926 in movie land, by the way.

This makes me want to watch all the Harry Potter films now because who doesn't love a fun little Hollywood connection? There seems to be a lot of these lately, especially on some television shows currently airing. Maybe Minnesota is the new California.

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