I know that there is a study or a list for just about everything these days. You have to take them all with a grain of salt. Whether your favorite city or state or whatever it might be makes it to the top of a list or is found at the bottom of these studies, you have to just take it for what it is.

This is not one of those times because in my opinion, in this case, this study really got it wrong and I think pretty much everyone would agree with me on this one, no? I came across a tourist website that named the best lakes in Minnesota, naming fifteen total.

I thought that Lake Superior would be at the very top and I was shocked when I found out that it wasn't! Instead, The Crazy Tourist named Lake Of The Isles in Minneapolis as the top lake. Don't get me wrong because I am sure that it is a great lake but there is no way that any lake in the state is better than Lake Superior.

The website says that Lake Of The Isles got the top spot because it has beautiful homes and a road along the lake which offers scenic views. They also said it is the quietest of any lakes and has a few wildlife refuge islands, hence it taking the top spot. However, for the most part, Lake Superior has all of these things and on a grander level.

I read about this lake and kept scrolling. Imagine my surprise when I didn't find Lake Superior in second or third place either. In fact, Lake Superior didn't even make it into the top five! Other spots like Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet made the list before Lake Superior. While I know those spots are popular, they really are not as grandiose as the lake we are greeted with all day everyday.

When I finally made it down to number seven, I read all about why Lake Superior made the cut. The website cites the North Shore Scenic Drive, the North Shore and its rocky cliffs, the Superior National Forest and the numerous outdoor activities you can do on the lake as reasons why Lake Superior made the cut.

Even though Lake Superior cracked the top ten out of a lot of lakes, I still think this website botched it completely. Our entire town is built around the lake and it is so big and beautiful that some mistake it for an ocean. It has Canal Park, famous restaurants along the shoreline and offers the best views ever.

I know that maybe Lake Superior would be seen as the obvious choice and they wanted to shake things up or go for the shock factor but this is just so blatantly wrong! The other lakes are beautiful but there is no lake that compares to Lake Superior. There's a reason so many people visit the Duluth area every year.

Stay On The Lake! Duluth & Superior Hotels Located On Lake Superior

LOOK: Landmark Minnesota Hotel Property On Lake Superior For Sale

If you're an entrepreneur looking to own property on the shore of Lake Superior, you can't beat the opportunity that is available in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Listed by Edina Realty for $4 million, the property that is currently the Harbor Inn Hotel is for sale. Their description hints that a change to the current hotel is in the works:

"A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a landmark property in the center of Downtown on historic Wisconsin Street, overlooking Grand Marais Harbor on beautiful Lake Superior. Presently operated as the Harbor Inn Hotel, additional opportunity abounds in creating a signature destination Hotel as well as developing the property to fit your own personal needs. The property is in the final approval phase to construct a three-story luxury condominium building with stunning lake views. Contact listing agents for details."

Bring Me The News reported in January that the current owners believe the mid-century hotel will be redeveloped into luxury condominiums before the property is ultimately sold off. 

Take a look through the amazing location for what will be a fantastic opportunity for the new owner.

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