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The Powerball and Mega Millions drawings may both be worth well over half a billion dollars right now, but time is running out for a Minnesota lottery ticket worth a million dollars.

The clock is ticking. It's getting louder. And it means if this winning ticket isn't turned in soon to the Minnesota Lottery, somebody could lose one million dollars FOREVER.

Can you imagine buying a lottery ticket that ends up being worth a million dollars-- and not turning it in to claim your money? That's what's happening in the Land of 10,000 Lakes right now-- and an ominous warning is being sounded by the Minnesota Lottery.

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According to this FOX-9 TV story, there was a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket sold here in Minnesota LAST July that was worth one. million. dollars. But the owner of the ticket hasn't claimed it yet-- and they only have a little over two weeks to take the money and run!

BringMeTheNews added that the winning ticket was sold at the Casey's General Store at 7295 University Avenue NE in Fridley, Minnesota for the July 29, 2022 drawing. (The winning numbers in that drawing were 13, 36, 45, 57, 67 with the gold Mega Ball being 14.)

But according to the Minnesota Lottery, tickets for lotto games (those printed by a lottery machine, like Powerball, Lotto America, Gopher 5, etc.) expire one year from the date of the drawing. And seeing as the office is closed on the weekend, Minnesota's latest millionaire has until 5 pm on Friday, July 28th, 2023 to claim their money at the lottery headquarters in Roseville.

Yikes. I'm hoping whoever won it knows what they're doing and has a plan to head in and redeem that winning ticket soon. Unless that magic ticket is either lost has been destroyed, why someone is waiting to turn it in is a little puzzling. The lottery notes that thanks to a change in Minnesota state law a few years ago, the names and cities of lottery prize winners above $10,000 are automatically considered private data unless a winner chooses to opt into publicity.

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