The person who wrote this post on social media said it perfectly. This men's bathroom in the Twin Cities had to be designed by a mother of all boys, a guy with bad aim, or a cattle barn designer. Check out this feature that was installed at Bricks Kitchen and Pub in Blaine.

The photo is accompanied by this caption on the Twin Cities Facebook page:

This mensroom urinals was either designed by a mother with several boys and a husband with terrible aim, or a designer of cattle barns. The only thing missing is a fire hose reel for the hose downs. I haven't been to many sports teams locker rooms lately to know if this is the standard design there now, but it is the first time I've seen this at a restaurant. Bricks Kitchen and Pub, 'n-drain-trench, Blaine.

The posting person is right, it had to have been designed by one of those three types of people, but dang it if that isn't functional! Being a guy, and having to use the restroom in a restaurant or bar, sometimes it feels like you are taking your life into your own hands in those places. (I think you know what I mean)

If I were to ever own a bar/restaurant I'd look at doing something like this, or as any guy will tell you, bring back the trough system as they had at the Metrodome. I don't think there was ever a line...

A big salute to Brick's for having a common sense solution, and a hat tip to Twin Cities on Facebook for the idea!

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