I've been traveling on this highway for many years, and it's been kind of a pain. Yes, I understand how widening it would be a huge project and impact the local area, but man is it a tough commute.

If you've ever tried to drive from Duluth or Hinckley area to St. Cloud, you know what I mean. Highway 23 is a long, two-lane road that stretches for about 50 miles. It's heavily traveled and there are always a stretch of cars on it.

Yet, there aren't any passing lanes that I've seen. I can't tell you how many close calls I've seen where vehicles have tried to pass and come close to hitting an oncoming car.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

In fact, it just happened today on my drive. There was a slow car going under the speed limit (which is 60), and there were 4 cars stuck behind them. The car in front of us tried to pass the three cars in front of them, and halfway through realized they weren't going to make it before hitting the oncoming traffic.

They slammed on their brakes and forced themselves in between two of the cars they were trying to pass. It was almost a serious wreck. And it happens all the time on Highway 23 between Hinckley and Foley.

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Once you get to Foley, MN it widens to four lanes as you are starting to encounter more traffic in the St. Cloud area.

A few passing lanes would really help the flow of traffic and safety for this stretch of highway.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

As I was driving, I also noticed a billboard for a Highway 23 Coalition. This is a group of people working to make the highway into 4 lanes from Willmar to I-94.

I did see the sign on the east side of St. Cloud, so it appears they are pushing for that as well. Great idea! Let's make it happen. Check them out on Facebook.

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