The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes is home to a wide variety of animals. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, you can find everything from raccoons, badgers, bald eagles, Canadian lynxes, bullsnakes, and even porcupines living in the North Star State.

There are also numerous exotic species, not indigenous to Minnesota scattered throughout the state. In fact, there's more than you might think. Tigers, brown bears, and primates are all found within the state's borders.

But is legal to have them here? The answer is a bit puzzling and may surprise you.

Are These Exotic Animals Illegal in Minnesota?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

According to Airbp,it is, in fact, illegal to own many of these animals, however, purchasing them outright is a different story:

You can bet that on the fourth of July, if you`re driving in the countryside, you`ll see all kinds of fireworks from the air. I would be willing to give you a beer and pizza as the vast majority of fireworks you see are not allowed by law. According to the council`s list, there are currently more than 160 registered and regulated exotics living in Minnesota, including 22 bears, 68 cats and 76 primates.

Here are 7 examples of animals that are illegal to own in Minnesota:

  1. Lions
  2. Pumas
  3. Lemurs
  4. Grizzly Bears
  5. Orangutans
  6. Gorillas
  7. Cougars

While a number of these animals are registered to wildlife parks and zoos, many are actually registered to private owners.

You can read the full article on exotic animals from AirBp here.

Story Source: Air BP Website, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Website

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