This remote Minnesota community just might be the state's best-kept secret. In fact, most residents of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes don't even know of its existence.

If you're inclined to visit this hidden spot, you're gonna want to bring a map, a canoe, and maybe some rubber boots.

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Let's just say your compass is going to be pointing north on your way to this little-known piece of Minnesota history, way, way north.

So How Can You Find This Hidden Minnesota Village?

Credit: Google Earth
Credit: Google Earth

Step One: If you don't want to travel through Canada, get a canoe, as this village is only accessible from the rest of the U.S. by boat.

Step Two: Get Your Passport, cuz you're gonna need it if you want to travel by road.

Credit: CBS Sunday Morning via YouTube
Credit: CBS Sunday Morning via YouTube

That's right, this part of Minnesota is stuck in Canada, don't cha know!

Due to a mapping error hundreds of years ago, the founding fathers inadvertently left a chunk of Minnesota inside Canada. These days, it's what you call an exclave. This occurs when part of one country (or state) is entirely surrounded by another country.

It's called the Northwest Angle, the only place in the U.S. where its residents have to travel to a customs station to get to the rest of their own state.

The customs station, known as Jim's Corner, doesn't even have an official on duty, because it's so remote. But anyone who is traveling to or from the Northwest Angle is expected to check in via videophone.

And if you happen to have school-age children living in the angle, good luck helping them with their daily commute.

Every morning, each child has to check in at the customs station, then travel by bus for over an hour to reach the U.S. boundary, where then, they have to briefly get in a boat, all just get to class each day.

Check out the videos below to see what life is like living in Minnesota's Northwest Angle.

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