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No matter where you work, you've likely had to deal with the Most Annoying Coworker Behavior in Minnesota.

Now that most Minnesotans have been back in the office or on the job site at least a few days a week, we've once again been subjected to some uh... unique, shall we say... behaviors by our coworkers. Behaviors that one might even describe as annoying, right?

It's with that in mind that this survey from Zippia took a look at just WHICH behaviors by our coworkers are the most annoying both here in Minnesota and in every state. Zippia surveyed over 1,200 workers across the U.S. to better understand what we find annoying.

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It turns out basically everything from "how much you talk to how you eat your lunch can be a source of annoyance for your colleagues," the survey noted. So just which coworker behavior do we think is the most annoying here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes?

According to Zippia, Minnesota's Most Annoying Coworkers are those coworkers who are just plain bad at their jobs. We've all had to deal with THAT coworker, haven't we?

But that's not the most annoying coworker behavior overall, though. Zippia says the number-one most annoying coworker behavior in the U.S. is coworkers who are too loud, followed by coworkers who are lazy and those who love to spread office gossip.

This annoying coworker behavior sometimes gets so bad that it's caused nearly two-thirds of us (about 57%) to consider leaving our jobs! Check out just which annoying coworker behavior is number one in each state HERE.

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