The chance of winning Saturday Nights Powerball Drawing of 1.4 billion dollars isn’t very good, but to quote the Cult Classic film, “Dumb and Dumber” “So you’re telling me there’s a chance”.

Minnesota Residents shouldn’t feel as far away from the Jackpot as those in other states. According to the Lottery Blog “JackPocket” Minnesota has had the 3rd most Powerball Jack Pot Winners with 22. But there’s not been a winner from our state since 2013, I’d say we’re due, right?

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If you play the lottery, even casually, you may be a winner and not realize it. The Minnesota Lottery Website says that there have been 9 smaller jackpot winners in the Powerball Drawings who haven’t claimed their prizes. The winners date back to last Halloween when 2 winners won $50,000 that they didn’t pick up. 7 other winners since last November each have $50,000 waiting on them.
And those are just the Powerball unclaimed winnings, The Gopher 5 Drawing had a winner from Forest Lake who didn’t claim $130,000 from April. Also in the Gopher 5 drawing, a couple of nights ago in Roseville someone had a ticket worth $549, 317. But it’s only been a couple of days, so that one isn’t as outstanding as the others.

The Minnesota Lottery Website shows additional winners who haven’t claimed their prize from other Lottery games. To help, Lottery Officials include the date of the drawing, and the name of the store and the town the ticket was sold in.
With everything from gas to groceries costing more these days, if you’ve bought a ticket for any of the games in Minnesota including scratch off tickets, try to find that ticket, because you could have a nice surprise waiting on you. And if you do, just remember who reminded you about your ticket, that’d be me.

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