Ask a serious question you usually expect to get a serious answer. When in person, that's, more than likely, exactly what you will get. Ask that question on and you never know what clever, funny, witty answer you might get. Ever been on reddit? What I have noticed is everyone is trying to be funnier or smarter than the next person.

I get lost in the comments often just laughing or shaking my head for so many reasons. The sub-post I ran across on the Minnesota reddit page had me doing both at the same time. Someone had posted a picture of two, rather big birds, and simply captioned it "bird?" As you can see here.

by u/BurntPotat in minnesota

Seeing the picture I actually go curious myself as, my parents had a few of these exact same birds in a field next to them last fall. Thought we knew what they were, but here was a way for me to find out for sure, or so I thought.

Right away the real question got a lot of humorous answers. Such as:

CompetitivelyAverage simple wrote "Yes", followed by Critical-Lake-3299 writing "Nope foxes" and other responses soon followed such as "Deer, obviously", "Nah. Lynx.", "Um, I appreciate the initiative but those are obviously elk." My favorite sarcastic comment may have been:

by u/haladura from discussion bird?
in minnesota

As I read all these funny and sarcastic comments I was beginning to believe no one was going to give a real answer. Until right below my favorite funny comment, was what I and the original poster was looking for. The real answer.

by u/bcbodie1978 from discussion bird?
in minnesota


The bird or, excuse me, birds, are called Sandhill Cranes. A rather large bird actually. I remember when we first saw them in a field near my parents. They were far enough in the distance and by corn stalks we thought maybe they could be deer. My sister-in-law took a little walk to discover they were a bird and we all researched as we had not seen them around our part of Minnesota before then.

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

If you ever do get the pleasure of seeing them, hopefully they'll give you a little show as they are known for their "dancing skills". But as for reddit, remember if you ever ask a real question on the Minnesota reddit page and want a real answer, chances are you'll have to get through funny and sarcastic responses before you finally get to the answer you're looking for. Because that's how we roll in Minnesota!

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