Tammy Dee made a name for herself in the Rochester area by serving delicious food and cold drinks at Tilly's Bar and Grill in Oronoco. A lot of people were bummed when she announced she was walking away from the establishment last year. At that time, she explained the decision was made because "of the increase in rent & property taxes w/ the new lease."

Tammy opened a new restaurant in Kasson last month and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Unfortunately, the eatery is in the news today after being targeted by a beer burglar. The alleged thief was caught in the act on tape and has been identified by Kasson, Minnesota police.

Beer Burglar Targets Minnesota Restaurant!

Tammy's Place in Kasson, Minnesota serves delicious burgers, sandwiches, wraps and more. They also serve beer and that's what the man pictured below apparently wanted.

The only problem is, he allegedly didn't want to pay for it.

On their Facebook page, Tammy's Place says a man drove up in a teal van and stole a keg of beer at 1:45 PM.

They know this because like every other business and nearly every home, they have security cameras!!

Kasson Police were contacted and immediately posted photos asking for the public's help identifying and locating the man. The police department provided an update to the search on Monday afternoon.

Monday at 2:45 PM, the Kasson Police Department posted an update on its Facebook page. They said, "The person and vehicle have been identified. Thank you to everyone that assisted."

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