Calling all star gazers! We have a really cool event that will happen in our Minnesota skies tomorrow, Wednesday, night. You won't want to miss it either because it's not going to happen again until 2037. Make sure to take some time to at least take a peek outside tomorrow. Or you could do a whole cozy set up with a blanket and maybe some pillows.

It's a Super Blue Moon that we'll be able to see!

Mike Petrucci, Unsplash
Mike Petrucci, Unsplash

Is a Super Blue Moon Blue?

I was hoping that the name would mean the moon would be blue but unfortunately, that's not what that means. According to, a Blue Moon just refers to it being the second full moon of the month. Our first full moon in August was on August 1st.

And then, in case you don't know what a supermoon is, that means the moon is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit. Basically, that means the moon will look extra big.

Paul Lehman, Unsplash
Paul Lehman, Unsplash

When Will We See Another Super Blue Moon?

The next Super Blue Moon won't happen again until 2037, so it will be over a decade until we can see it again, according to NBC in San Diego.

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When We Can Se the Super Blue Moon this Week

So make sure you at least peek outside on Wednesday night to take a look at the Super Blue Moon. The first chance you'll have to see it is, of course, after sunset. The weather app on my phone says that moonrise will be at 8:05 PM.

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