Last week, we shared a video with you of a wolf eating a dead deer carcass just off the road by the Kwik Trip in Clearwater. See the video below.



We asked you if you've seen a wolf and to send us videos of wolves in your area.  We recently received this video, which appears to be a completely different wolf but was filmed in the same area as the first over in Clearwater.

Many people commented on our last video thinking that it was just a dog; but if you look closely at both wolves, you'll notice that they have all the characteristics of a wolf. Wolves DO look like dogs. People also think that wolves don't live here in central Minnesota, but wolves are always looking for food, and according to an article from 2021 in the Star Tribune, they have expanded across our state.


The only bad thing about seeing these beautiful animals in our area is that they might have a pack living closer to us, and depending on how close they live to humans and livestock, as their packs grow, they have more pup mouths to feed. Even though they prefer deer typically, livestock and pets can become an easier target to feed their growing families.

Clearly, Minnesotans value wolves but it's hard to contain them in places that are away from humans. According to the Minnesota DNR, Minnesota's Gray wolf once again became a federally protected threatened species. Under current federal guidelines, wolves may only be taken in defense of human lives.

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