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A penny is usually worth one cent, right? That's unless you have THIS rare penny, which could be worth way more than a cent here in Minnesota.

You've probably heard of the phrase, 'a penny for your thoughts,' right? Well, if you happen to have this particular penny in your pocket it could give you a LOT to think about because it's worth over $300,000!

So just how can a simple penny have sold for so much money? Well, it's because of how rare it is, and when it was first produced. The valuable penny that you should keep an eye out for was released in 1943, and the reason it's worth so much money has to do with World War II.  According to GovMint.com, these pennies are unique because they were made from steel-- and not copper.

Steel pennies were made for only one year in 1943, during World War II, due to a copper shortage. However, it is worth noting that in 1944, the U.S. Mint resumed using copper to produce pennies, but a few steel pennies were accidentally struck with a 1944 date and today are considered rare collector's items.

Most all 1943 pennies were minted in Philadelphia, Denver or San Francisco, but some could be here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, GovMint noted. And while finding a 1943 penny these days isn't all that common, not all 1943 pennies have the same value. According to Parris Island Coins, some 1943 steel pennies (the 1943 P No Mint Mark Steel Penny, for example) are only worth 17 cents. Which isn't too bad for a coin whose face value is just a cent, right?

But some of the rare 1943 steel pennies (like, say, the 1943 P No Mint Mark Bronze/Copper Penny) are worth way more money. Like $219,503 or $399,635! And in one extremely rare case, the 1943-D Bronze/Copper Penny with the mint mark MS 65 in mint condition is worth an estimated $2,251,252!

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As the saying goes, the devil is in the details to determine which penny is valuable or not. GovMint.com says date and mint marks, mint errors, grade or condition, and anatomy all have a part in determining a particular coin's value. (Click HERE for some tips on what to look for, in case you want to see if YOU have a valuable 1943 penny.)

Speaking of rare things, the house on Lake Minnetonka that Minnesota Twins infielder Carlos Correa bought earlier this year is pretty rare-- it's worth $7.5 million! Keep scrolling to check some pictures of both the inside and outside of his sweet digs!

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Minnesota Twins Carlos Correa's Amazing Lake House

While the Minnesota Twins were wrapping up Spring Training, newly-signed shortstop Carlos Correa was celebrating by buying a $7.5 million home on Lake Minnetonka.

Gallery Credit: Curt St. John



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