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We've known that the craft beer scene here in the North Star State is one of the best in the country, and now USA Today has just named this Minnesota city one of the 10 Best Beer Cities in the U.S.

If you're a big craft beer fan, like I am, Minnesota is a great place to live. Because our craft breweries all over the Land of 10,000 Beers Lakes produce some really great brews. And readers of USA Today apparently agree.

That's because USA Today just included Minnesota's biggest city of Minneapolis in its list of the 10 Best Beer Cities in the U.S. In compiling their 2023 list, USA Today said their readers determined the following cites all have 'stellar collections of established and up-and-coming breweries, beer bars, brewpubs, beer festivals, and even thriving homebrewing communities where novice brewers can get their foot in the door.'

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Here's what USA Today said about Minneapolis, which ranked 10th on the list:

There are more than 40 breweries in Minneapolis, comprising about a quarter of those found throughout the state. Fulton and Surly might be two of the most famed, but Modist is considered one of Minneapolis' most innovative breweries with their alternative beers, and Fair State Brewing Cooperative allows fans to buy into the brewery to help design products and create recipes.

So, yeah, I agree. And, of course, there are also other incredible breweries in addition to those four not only in Minneapolis but in St. Paul, Stillwater, Rochester, Duluth, Mankato, and just about every other city (and places in between) in the North Star State. 

The upper Midwest was also pretty well-represented on the list, too, with Chicago and Milwaukee coming in at #8 and #6, while Grand Rapids, Michigan was named the Best Beer City in the US in 2023.

Here's the USA Today 2023 list of the Ten Best Beer Cities in the US:

  • 10 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 9 - Atlanta Georgia
  • 8 - Chicago, Illinois
  • 7 - Tampa, Florida
  • 6 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 5 - Asheville, North Carolina
  • 4 - San Diego, California
  • 3 - Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 2 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

But just WHICH beers brewed here in the Bold North are the best? There's a lot to choose from! So keep scrolling to check out some of the highest-rated beers from craft breweries across Minnesota!

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