Earlier this week many Minnesotans saw a bump in their bank account balance as the State of Minnesota deposited tax rebates, also annoyingly referred to as 'Walz Checks.'

Minnesota had a tax surplus of over $17 billion, which translates to residents of the Land of 10,000 Lakes being overcharged drastically when filing their taxes. The rebate checks accounted for just $1.13 billion of that surplus.

Via House.MN.GOV:


The bill would earmark $1.13 billion of the state’s surplus toward direct payments to taxpayers of $260 per filer and dependent, if they make $75,000 or less a year, $150,000 for those married filing jointly. And those who receive Social Security benefits would see their state taxes on that income exempt from taxation for those making $100,000 or less and reduced for those making up to $140,000.

The rest of that surplus, which the state has no right to in my opinion, was spent however the government felt like it.

Imagine if you ordered a coffee and the barista told you the total would be $5.25. You hand them a 20 and they just decide to hang onto it to buy some supplies for the store. Then, when you realize what is happening and start asking questions, they decide to give you back $4.00 of the $14.75 you are owed. Would you thank them for that?

Despite this, many Minnesotans are CELEBRATING the pittance that was returned to us as taxpayers, with many on social media going so far as to THANK Governor Tim Walz for "gifting" them this money.


Long story short, I went crazy and bought a bunch of video games the past couple of months, spending like $300 in total.

Today I got some money deposited in my bank account from the State of MN. Something to do with taxes from 2021 (I didn’t make much money that year so I guess they sent out some money because of that)

Thank you MN for giving me this unexpected tax return lol. It’s not much but now I don’t feel too bad about buying all those video games

The state paid for my teaching license

Rebate hit same day the license application fee was posted. Thanks, Walz!

This is insane to me and I don't understand why more people aren't absolutely furious about the mismanagement of our tax dollars.

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