One Minnesotan went to social media to claim that the mall in Duluth is now a dead mall. Could this be true or could it be someone looking for views?

I love malls and miss the days when the thing to do was to go to the mall with your friends and hang out for the day. Malls used to be jam-packed full of things to do and things to see. Whether it was some solid people watching or going window shopping and spending all your tokens at the arcades, the mall was the place to be.

Before we dive into if the mall in Duluth is a dying mall, here are a few stores that I miss in the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth:

Suncoast Motion Picture Company

My childhood room was covered floor to ceiling in movie posters from this place. It was by far one of my favorite stops at the mall. Whether it was looking at action figures from movies, to movie memorabilia, or posters, this place was awesome.


Aladdin's Castle

This was another of my favorite spots. I feel like I could've spent hours playing games at Aladdin's Castle. From "NFL Blitz", to "Area 51", to "Time Crisis", and everything in-between. What made this spot sweeter, was right in the food court. Games and food all day!

KB Toys

Another place I would drag my parents to was KB Toys. I feel like I could have spent hours in there checking out all of the toys.

Empty movie theatre

The Movie Theatre

I sure do miss spending time at the theatre at the Duluth Mall. If you didn't know, I believe it was where Noodles & CO., Chipotle, and Sports Clips are. If I remember correctly there were 3 screens and I do remember going there to see 'Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace".

Now that I got a trip down memory lane out of the way, I stumbled across a video titled "Miller Hill Mall Walkthrough", however, it says "dead" in the description. I recently did a story about dead and dying malls throughout Minnesota, and this mall did not make the list. You can check out that list here.

By definition, a dead mall is a is a shopping mall with a high vacancy rate or a low consumer traffic level, or that is dated or deteriorating in some manner. Now I'm not saying we have the best mall in Duluth. However, compared to some malls in the state, I feel like the Miller Hill Mall still has some good stores , and a decent amount of people that do their shopping there. Plus, there's also some good food in the food court as well.

I'm not sure when this person went to the mall or what time it was, but everytime I go it is still fairly busy. You can check out the video below to see if you agree with the Minnesotan on if the Duluth mall is a dead mall.


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